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NOLA.Com recognizes Beau Provence for Winning the Dementia Care Specialists' Distinguished Provider Award

December 16, 2014


The award represents memory care communities that demonstrate excellence in resident care.

Beau Provence Wins Prestigious Memory Care Award

December 16, 2014


Mandeville’s first and only memory care exclusive community is awarded the national Distinguished Provider Award

Beau Provence Memory Care Assisted Living was presented with the Dementia Care Specialists’ Distinguished Provider Award on Wednesday, December 10th. The award recognizes select memory care communities that demonstrate excellence in resident care, specifically in cultivating an environment and team that allows their residents to enjoy the absolute greatest level of function, safety, and quality of life possible. Beau Provence is the first assisted living and memory care community on the Northshore to be presented with this award.

The award was presented by Dementia Care Specialists President and Founder Kim Warchol. The status honors Beau Provence’s commitment providing an exceptional abilities-based approach to care. “The Distinguished Provider status represents an absolute seal of approval from industry leaders,” says Warchol.

Developed by Schonberg & Associates, owner-operator of Vista Shores in New Orleans, Ashton Manor in Luling, and other outstanding communities throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina, Beau Provence opened in September 2014 to serve the unique memory care needs of the Northshore community. Each team member at Beau Provence is specially trained in Alzheimer's and dementia care, and the community’s individualized wellness and activities programs are completely custom-designed to enable each resident to function at the highest possible level and live their best lives.

“At Beau Provence, we believe that the best way to help people at every stage of memory care is to build abilities-based, person-centered care around an in-depth understanding of what someone’s life was like, in order to make their life what they want it to be now,” says Beau Provence owner/operator David Schonberg.

More than five million Americans are currently living with dementia, and it’s projected that almost 15 million will be affected by the year 2050. Brian Berrigan, the executive director of the Louisiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, welcomes Beau Provence with open arms, stating, "It is fantastic to work with and alongside our community partner Beau Provence in the fight against Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. With Beau Provence’s foundation of best practices, including quality care, training, consultations, support & commitment to research, its goal of creating a Dementia Capable Society is more than achievable.”



September 18, 2014


We had such a great time at last night's Grand Opening celebration at Beau Provence, and we're so thankful to all of the individuals that came out to show their support and made it such a wonderful evening! A special thanks goes out to Mayor Villere and St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister for attending and welcoming us to the community. We look very forward to serving you, Mandeville!

Grand Opening

September 17, 2014



Newest Schonberg & Associates development is the first of its kind to provide state-of-the-art residential Alzheimer’s & dementia care to the Mandeville, LA area.

MANDEVILLE, LA – (9/15/2014) – Beau Provence, the first and only memory care exclusive assisted living community in the Greater New Orleans area, is celebrating its grand opening in Mandeville at 4:00 PM on September 17th at 100 Beau West Dr. in Mandeville. Hors d’oeuvres will be served, and both St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister and Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere will be present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Developed by Schonberg & Associates, owner and operator of Vista Shores in New Orleans, Ashton Manor in Luling, the recently acquired Park Provence in Slidell, and other exceptional communities throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina, Beau Provence was created exclusively to provide superior care and comfort to residents living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. As the only memory care exclusive assisted living community in Mandeville, all staff members have been extensively trained in the care of those living with Alzheimer's and dementia.

The Beau Provence team is led by a memory care team that includes a memory care manager, an activities coordinator, and a licensed nurse that is available 24/7. Memory care manager Tammy Pearl has her master’s in social work, a master’s certificate in gerontology, a dual bachelor’s in psychology and sociology, and is a licensed occupational therapist assistant and social worker. Leftwich is excited about the exceptional level of care his team is equipped to provide to Beau Provence residents, stating, “I look very forward to supplying our memory care residents with the type of highly specialized programming and care that will allow them to enjoy life and thrive at Beau Provence.” The Director of Health and Wellness, Sheila Hollander, RN, will monitor and oversee resident care.

Beau Provence offers 40 luxury private and semi-private suites that are divided into two neighborhoods, The Pontchartrain and The Fontainebleau, which are each occupied by residents with shared needs and abilities. The Schonberg Neighborhood Design focuses on placing residents with similar abilities into the same neighborhood to further enhance specialized care and stimulating socialization.

Each neighborhood boasts its own community dining room, living room, and therapeutic garden. “Experience has shown that the Schonberg Neighborhood Design significantly enhances our residents’ sense of community, familiarity, safety and support,” notes David Schonberg, owner and managing member of Schonberg & Associates.Through their dedication to revolutionizing combined memory care and assisted living communities, Schonberg & Associates has positioned themselves at the forefront of the memory care industry. The Schonberg &Associates team partners with the country’s leading Alzheimer’s and dementia doctors and experts to design communities and programs that meet the social, intellectual, nutritional and spiritual needs of each resident. To promote community education, Schonberg & Associates is also premiering the Schonberg Alzheimer’s Education and Support Center at Beau Provence. Their goal is to partner with memory care experts to share breakthrough information, research and educational events about Alzheimer’s and dementia with community members in surrounding areas.

Meeting the rapidly growing need for quality care for Alzheimer’s and dementia is a serious concern. According to Chet Harrell, the interim director of the Louisiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 83,000 residents in Louisiana are currently living with a memory disorder. "I'm thrilled to have a community partner such as Beau Provence that has a goal of creating a Dementia Capable Society focused on those affected by Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia,” says Harrell. “With Beau Provence’s foundation of best practices, including proper care, training, consultations, support and commitment to research, its goal of creating a Dementia Capable Society is more than achievable.”

Beau Provence is currently accepting priority reservations. Interested families should call Executive Director Corey Leftwich at 985-778-0755, or visit

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Schonberg & Associates’ first property, the Suites at Sugar Mill Point in Houma, Louisiana, was developed in 2001, setting a new standard in assisted living and memory care. In the years since the Suites were built, Schonberg & Associates has developed Alden Pointe in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and acquired and renovated three assisted living and memory care communities in South Carolina. Between 2012 and 2013, Schonberg & Associates opened two new private luxury assisted living and memory care communities: Vista Shores overlooking Bayou St. John in New Orleans; and Ashton Manor, which sits on 6 acres in the residential community of Ashton Plantation in Luling. Schonberg &Associate’s most recent acquisition is Camellia Gardens Retirement Community in Slidell, LA, where they are currently performing a $1 million renovation and continuing to build upon Camellia Gardens’ excellent standard of assisted living and memory care under the new name Park Provence.

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September 16, 2014


Imagine that you can’t remember things well anymore. Your thinking is fuzzy, and it upsets you when you get confused. Part of you recognizes that you can’t live alone in your house anymore, and that you need help to stay safe. You don’t trust yourself to remember to turn off the stove, so you’ve been neglecting meals. You keep forgetting to take your pills. You avoid the shower because you’re afraid you’ll fall. And maybe worst of all, you feel very alone...